Publisher API

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The Publisher API is the API that most applications will embed into a production system. This API contains the methods necessary to send new events into Retraced, create viewer tokens and to programatically search events when the embedded viewer is not being used.

When possible, it’s recommended to use one of the supported SDKs as these provide an easier way to get started.

To consume the Publisher API directly, we publish a Swagger spec that is both documented and available in a raw json object. The endpoints for reporting events are /project/{project_id}/event and /project/{project_id}/event/bulk. The bulk endpoint is for reporting multiple events in a single call. Clients using the bulk endpoint should expect longer response times when submitting large numbers of events.


The Publisher API endpoints expect the token to be provided in a header of the form

Authorization: token=YOUR_PUBLISHER_TOKEN

Publisher API Tokens

Publisher API tokens can be managed from the Retraced admin website in the “Settings” section.